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You, Who Go In Search, por Vytautaseneyevich

You, Who Go In Search, por Vytautaseneyevich epub

Descargar You, Who Go In Search, por Vytautaseneyevich Epub y PDF

Título: You, Who Go In Search,

Autores: Vytautaseneyevich



Tamaño: 17 MB

Nº de páginas: 258

Idiomas: Español

Valoración: ★★★★★

Formato : PDF, EPUB

Vytautaseneyevich con You, Who Go In Search,

"This is not the long-awaited 'out there, a polar star.' Rather, this is merely a prelude of that soon-to-be-released collection. That is not to say that 'you, who go in search,' is without any merit. In fact, the opposite is true: it's almost completely inconceivable that Mr. Vytautaseneyevich has something better up his sleeves than this. This is as absolutely thrilling as poetry collections get."'you, who go in search,' teases and toys with you, holding spellbinding imagery and perfectly-constructed emotion out to its reader with an outstretched open hand, yet frequently withholding meaning behind a closed fist. But it's there. Just keep reading, and you'll find it, as you twist and turn through tumultuous terrain at breakneck speed. Beginning slowly, Mr. Vytautaseneyevich rapidly accelerates the tempo, pushing the pace of his words and images and meanings and emotions to an almost frightening level, spiraling, careening out of control with a depth of despair and death and devastation we can only see from him, before crashing back to Earth with a trio of his most sordid, most spectacular, and most horrifying pieces yet: the acclaimed 'i don't know if you're dead or alive daddy dearest,' 'your belt is knotted around my wrists,' and 'scissors sting worse than sewing needles.'This is a book to read. That's neither a command nor a demand; it's a statement. This is a book to read. This is a thirty-three poem masterwork by an artist at the height of his already-formidable powers, who shows no signs of surrendering any of it ever, let alone soon. This is a book to read, and, inconceivably, it's only the beginning."
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