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Geology: Basics For Engineers por Aurèle Parriaux

Geology: Basics For Engineers por Aurèle Parriaux epub

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Título: Geology: Basics For Engineers

Autores: Aurèle Parriaux

Publicado: 17 de abril de 2018


Tamaño: 5 MB

Nº de páginas: 299

Idiomas: Español

Valoración: ★★★★★

Formato : PDF, EPUB

Aurèle Parriaux con Geology: Basics For Engineers

Geology – Basics for Engineers presents the physical and chemical characteristics of the Earth, the nature and the properties of rocks and unconsolidated deposits/sediments, the action of water, how the earth is transformed by various phenomena at different scales of time and space. The book shows the engineer how to take geological conditions into account in his projects, and how to exploit a wide range of natural resources in an intelligent way, reduce geological hazards, and manage subsurface pollution.Through a problem-based-learning approach, this instructional text imparts knowledge and practical experience to engineering students (undergraduate and graduate level), as well as to experts in the fields of civil engineering, environmental engineering, earth sciences, architecture, land and urban planning. The DVD that supplements the book contains solutions to the problems and animations that show additional facets of the living Earth.*The original French edition of the book (2007) won the prestigious Roberval Prize, an international contest organized by the University of Technology of Compiegne in collaboration with the General Council of Oise, France. Geology, Basics for Engineers, was selected out of a total of 110 candidates.The jury praised the book as a “very well conceived teaching textbook” and underscored its highly didactic nature, as well as the excellent quality of its illustrations.
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