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The Star Tomb (legends Of The Black Sun Book 1) por S. Tapia

The Star Tomb (legends Of The Black Sun Book 1) por S.  Tapia epub

Descargar The Star Tomb (legends Of The Black Sun Book 1) por S. Tapia Epub y PDF

Título: The Star Tomb (legends Of The Black Sun Book 1)

Autores: S. Tapia



Tamaño: 9 MB

Nº de páginas: 194

Idiomas: Español

Valoración: ★★★★★

Formato : PDF, EPUB

S. Tapia con The Star Tomb (legends Of The Black Sun Book 1)

The Star Tomb is the First Book in the Black Sun Legends series.Legends of the Black Sun is a series of science fiction novels that mixes an epic and thriller plot, immersed in a dark universe, very much in the style of the great series of the genre.Two thousand six hundred years have passed since humanity escaped from the Machine Mind and went through a wormhole into an unknown region of the universe, colonizing hundreds of stellar systems along the Exodus galaxy. Now, countless human nations stretch into a disturbing mosaic of civilizations, religions, technologies that defy reality and political interests.Deckard is a smuggler who has gone into debt with underworld lenders to get a star map that will lead him to an unexplored region of the galaxy. Where he hopes to find and recover alien technology with which to trade and strike the blow of his life... However, the smuggler's plans will be twisted when the only thing he brings back is the most unexpected treasure; a mysterious girl, who was immersed in a century-old lethargy inside an ancient drifting spacecraft... Deckard still doesn't understand that what he is bringing into his hands is the future of humanity.These are dark times and in the meantime, in orbit of the capital planet Tanis, the ecologist and terraformer Ian Vashir and the Commander of the Wotan Daneron Alliance will share a talk and a drink aboard a stellar transport, thus initiating two stories and destinies that intertwine with the old war between the Empire and the Alliance of Free Worlds and an artful and dark threat that hovers over the destiny of human civilization.Legends of the Black Sun will hook you from the first page.
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