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Shatter (hard Hit Book 4) por Charity Parkerson

Shatter (hard Hit Book 4) por Charity Parkerson epub

Descargar Shatter (hard Hit Book 4) por Charity Parkerson Epub y PDF

Título: Shatter (hard Hit Book 4)

Autores: Charity Parkerson

Publicado: 9 de noviembre de 2015


Tamaño: 12 MB

Nº de páginas: 177

Idiomas: Español

Valoración: ★★★★★

Formato : PDF, EPUB

Charity Parkerson con Shatter (hard Hit Book 4)

One man’s trash…He’s hockey’s bad boy. Alex’s reputation as one of the meanest defensemen in the league is nothing compared to his notoriety off the ice. After spending too much time and energy chasing someone who’d never feel the same, Alex is through playing games. He’s content with his self-indulgent nights of alcohol and strange men.Is another man’s treasure.His entire life Gannon has toed the line, doing his best to keep from becoming a burden to his older brother who ended up saddled with him way too young. Now Gannon has his sights set on Alex, and he’ll stop at nothing to have him. Including offering Alex something he can’t resist. One night. No strings.Alex is exactly the brand of crazy Gannon’s been searching for.From the beginning, nothing goes as planned between Alex and Gannon, but neither man can stay away. When a secret from Gannon’s past floats to the surface, Alex has to choose. Will he fight one last time or let life shatter him again?
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